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We specialize in in Greek Cypriot food with the usual souvlaki (kebab) of chicken, lamb and pork. Also we cook freshly every day all the traditional dishes like Kleftiko, Beef Stifado, Mousaka, Pork Afelia, Dolmades, Keftedes, Makaroni (Pastichio) and we serve the famous Meze every day consisting of more than 20 dishes. The Spanakopita (spinach pie with fetta cheese wrapped in filo pastry) is my favourite hot starter.


Established in 2015. My father had a very successful restaurant in the heart of Holborn during and after the second world war. He took us all to Cyprus just after 1950 for education and holiday that lasted 12 years. We came back to England in 1963. Most of my working life I spent manufacturing ladies clothes and involved in properties. It was always my passion to be in the restaurant business to follow my father's footsteps. My son owns a very successful restaurant in San Francisco and this is where the idea and concept was developed on my last break there. I came out of semi retirement and started Pure Cyprus.

I have based my dining experience of the past with my wife, to set high standards in delivering : excellent food using very fresh ingredients, customer service second to none and cleanliness that could be described as clinical. The rest was down to trial and error until we got it right. We are only as good as our last meal.

My passion and dream are now complete.

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